Affairs Choosing the caliber of Life of Polish Women throughout the Menopausal In line with the Menopause-Particular Lifestyle Survey

Affairs Choosing the caliber of Life of Polish Women throughout the Menopausal In line with the Menopause-Particular Lifestyle Survey

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Background: Methods: The research tools were the menopause-specific quality of life (MENQOL) questionnaire and a standardized interview questionnaire comprising questions on the participants’ characteristics. The study involved 516 women using health care services who had symptoms caused by the menopause. Results: The value of the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.923. The discriminative power coefficients of all the questionnaire items were higher than 0.3. The study confirmed the validity and internal consistency of the Polish version of the MENQOL questionnaire for measuring the quality of life of postmenopausal women, suggesting that the tool can be used for screening menopausal symptoms in women. There was a relationship between general quality of life and age (p = 0.002), marital status (p < 0.001),>

step one. Introduction

The fresh new perimenopausal months for the a beneficial woman’s every day life is an occasion one to comes to changes in the feminine human anatomy out-of premenopause, menopause and you may postmenopause. Brand new premenopausal period are described as a reduction in the brand new secretion off steroid hormonal, this new disappearance out-of virility as well as the look of certain periods, and additionally unpredictable hemorrhaging . These alter lead to the menopause, which, according to the World Health Business (WHO), scratching the brand new physiological, long lasting cessation of intervals considering the cessation from the new ovarian function . Approximately menopausal happen typically between your many years forty-five and you can 55 . The fresh new peri-menopause several months try with the alterations in estrogen and you may progesterone concentrations. New ensuing hormonal changes apply at women’s emotional and you can somatic working and you can can, hence, in addition to create tough to fulfil public, top-notch and family relations jobs. Sizzling hot flushes, hyperhidrosis, sleep disturbance, soreness, an elevated urge in order to pee, sexual malfunction while others are the popular complaints that can be found during this time period and you will hinder each day functioning. Although it could have been seen you to definitely ladies own perceptions as well as the thinking away from peri-menopausal attacks are different extensively, such as for instance change have been shown to provides a bad affect ladies lifestyle [3,4,5]. The peri-menopausal period is additionally will noted by the beginning or exacerbation out-of disease, eg diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and you can atherosclerosis, and therefore surely affect ladies’ total well being [six,7].

Well being (QoL) are a keen interdisciplinary style utilized in various sciences and you may procedures, as well as treatments, psychology, breastfeeding, sociology, politics or business economics. Well being inside the treatments suits to indicate brand new patient’s requires in order to make healing decisions, looking at the newest complaints educated and their impact on brand new person’s lifetime. Due to the multifaceted character of your own notion of top-notch lives, sorts of focus is repaid towards the exact number of the new search equipment to own evaluating lifestyle for the individual knowledge . Since middle of one’s 20th century, the idea of the quality of lifetime could have been interesting to numerous scientists and you will clinicians writing about some health insurance and mental problems. The fresh peri-menopausal months might have been no exception to that because of the increase in endurance, the benefits to possess ladies health and the newest impact that this months of every day life is as essential as the fresh new reproductive period. It is estimated that most women alive one to-third of its stays in this new peri-menopause months, that’s the reason, on top of other things, you should to spotlight ladies health during the this period of the life in order to be able to let them have the highest possible total well being [5,9].

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